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Our Story

Global Human Resource Consulting Firm

Core Values

EDDIE is a leader in professional staffing services. Since 1980 EDDIE has worked at the intersection of Marketing, Innovation and Technology and is at the forefront of the industry, setting the standard for ethics, integrity and innovation. Our founder, EDDIE DRYE, has been a leader in the fight against unfair recruitment practices and today we are guided by these principles of EDDIE, which ensure we stay true to the staffing industry and the people we serve.

  • Ethical
  • Dedicated
  • Dependable
  • Innovative
  • Experienced
Our dedication to these principles has earned us respect in the industry from our clients and candidates.


  • We guarantee the lowest reasonable rates! (We put it in writing)
  • Hire any candidate after 3 months with NO FEES! (We put it in writing)
  • Our rates allow you to keep more budget dollars helping ensure project completions
  • Our in-house developed AI matching algorithms weighs 'Candidate Job Objectives'
  • Our in-house developed Recruiting Dashboard streamlines the candidate search and hiring process
  • Our in-house developed Enterprise Solutions department is ready to assist your needs
  • Our in-house developed Project Management system keeps track of even the most demanding projects
  • Our in-house software development teams build custom solutions for your business
  • Use our 'Ready to Use' SAAS Solutions (SCRUM/Agile, Dispatch, Product Management, Content Management, Digital Asset Management and more)

Job Seekers

  • We do not tack on excessive rates to your asking bill rate
  • Contracts typically last longer since EDDIEs bill rates are low
  • We are Embedded - We hear of positions before recruiting firms do
  • We are out to keep you gainfully employed
  • We are more concerned about your having income than our bottom dollar
  • We offer Training and Meetups to those wishing to add new skills
  • A stock offerings program is under review

Recruiters & Account Managers

  • We split profits with you (Unmatched by anyone else)
  • Work remote
  • Stop worrying about Quotas
  • Feel part of the solution not the problem

So How's it Working Out for Us?

  • Many of our client corporate directives now dictate ALWAYS use EDDIE first.
  • Candidates feel part of a huge coalition
  • Recruiters are more attracted to our solution

EDDIE is a game changer in recruiting.

As the Rock would say!

That's a big arm don't fight it.

Let's Get Started!

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